Parking Techniques


Independent Parking Advisors



Many Consultants have involvement in projects which have a need for parking provision. Whilst our various skills may be parallel, overlapping or complementary, we are able to see deeply into the parking issues and identify where there may be gaps. These could refer to the safe and efficient operability of a parking location as part of a larger project, or we can see better ways to generate more revenue.


So, we often find that we can add valuable and practical input to a wide range of Consultancy situations, involving:-

  • Viability studies

  • Revenue assessment

  • Revenue shortfall

  • Design review

  • Master planning

  • Parking Space configuration and allocation

  • Capital costs

  • Operational costs

  • Market insight and analysis

  • Market testing

  • Procurement

  • Parking policies

  • Transport Policies and assessments

  • Planning Applications

  • Design and Specification justifications

  • Negotiation

  • Disputes

  • Contractual issues

  • Mediation

  • Due Diligence

  • Expert Witness Reports


We fit well into consultancy and design teams, and we are proud to work with - and be recommended by - leading Professionals.


Finally, we are 100% independent. We have no financial or other commercial ties with parking operators or equipment suppliers. The solutions we offer are based on necessary specification, and not supplier stock responses. We enjoy very high loyalty from our Clients, who accept that we can act for them as well as against them.