Parking Techniques


Independent Parking Advisors



The ParkingTechniques team has a combined background of property investment, development, and large-scale car park ownership and management.

This makes us ideally-placed both to see the wider horizons and to understand the details of how the two sectors fit together.

So, when it comes to putting together a project involving funding or financing requirements, we can provide vital, mature skills in putting these together, because we appreciate what works for each party involved.


The result is an efficient and realistic approach to achieving a solution that is well-balanced between operational effectiveness and resources, and the obligations that must be supported to realise the funding package. This takes account of revenue risk, capital requirements and all the practical and operational issues which come with well-managed car parking. We keep our eye on the end result is a viable, secure asset.


If you are looking to provide or raise funding or finance for a project with Car Parking content, we can help you to optimise and protect your position.