Parking Techniques


Independent Parking Advisors


NHS TRUSTS & Health Boards

Hospital Car Parking is a very specialised sector. It has to cope with unusual pressures not experienced by shoppers and commuters.


Its economics and viability can be challenging, due to restrictions on tariff, staff parking arrangements and complex procurement and delivery.


Our Specialist advisors have dealt with the full range of more than 100  healthcare locations, from 'Cottage Hospitals', up to complex and large-scale new PFI Hospitals. We understand how healthcare parking space configurations work, and what the financial results will be. We can optimise those results, achieving a balance between the need for revenue generation, control of tariffs, and management of supply and demand.


We can find efficiencies to help Trusts to do 'more with less', and we know how to reduce the administrative burdens and stresses of manageing staff parking.


We have examples and mechanisms to cope with the sensitive area of concessionary tariffs for certain classses of patients and visitors  - for example oncology, renal, diabetic and long-stay.


We appreciate the need for practical and robust Service Level Agreements, and systems for Performance Monitoring which promote success and excellence rather than promote fear of failure.


Finally, we understand that Trusts and Health Boards have the most diverse range of  requirements and concerns relating to the parking on their sites, whether it be unfulifilled revenue performance, abuse of parking spaces or processes, policy issues and overall strategy to cope with present-day and future demand.


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