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Real Estate


Well-managed car parking contributes significantly to the quality of a real estate investment asset:-

  • Revenue generation and protection

  • Quality of covenant

  • Growth and defence of footfall

  • Efficient management


In their turn, these define the value of that asset.

The ParkingTechniques has a background of many years' experience in commercial property development, investment, funding and management. We understand the interplay between covenant, tenant performance and asset valuation, and we use our skills to optimise that mix to produce the best and most secure revenue base, and to maximise the appeal of the property to its other users and Customers.


We use the tools of product development, tariff structures, operational knowledge, flair for design and innovation to achieve and maintain the true potential of your investment.


We provide advice on contract terms, selection of operator, rent review techniques and capital investment for equipment, development, re-furbishment  and risk transfer.

Investors in Car Parks

We can assist you if you are considering acquisitions, asset management or disposals of:-

  • Car Parking Companies

  • New parking projects

  • Car park real estate

  • PFI projects involving parking management and revenue

  • Temporary car parking opportunities

  • For existing and retained investments, we can help with:-

  • Strategic reviews

  • Revenue performance

  • Management issues

  • Contractual Issues

  • Mediation and Expert Witness services

  • Appraisals for additional investment

  • Tenant assessment and replacement

  • Operating leases

  • Management contracts