Parking Techniques


Independent Parking Advisors



The HIgher Education Sector has its own unique challenges in relation to its funding and continuing operational needs. As large centres of staff and student population, there is a pressing need to manage the supply and demand of finite car parking resources, against a difficult background of staff requirements and expectations, topography, restrictive tariff conditions and the need for capital expenditure.


Estates and Facilties Directors and Managers face difficult issues of whether to integrate certain services, or to outsource what are seen as non-core functions. If you outsource, what more can you expect to gain from the supplier, or are you selling some family silver.


We have direct operational experience of large-scale campus parking within both the Edicational and NHS sectors, which both show specific needs and circumstances which require care and respect in order to provide continuous, fair and efficient services in a Best Value environment.


We also understand the diference challenges tom be met in 'higher-research' compared to 'mainstream teaching' establishments , and we can help with ideas on how to configure and develop your parking stock to meet your Master Plan.